Manufacturing Policy

Quality Policy
  • To meet customer requirement through correct, complete and on-time delivery of customer order.
  • To address the concerns of the customers acquired through determination of customer satisfaction.
  • To comply with the requirements of KKM Hygiene standards and other regulatory requirements on product that the company subscribes to.
  • To educate and train all employees to enhance technical knowledge and efficiency.
Environmental Policy
  • Manage all our environmental aspects and impacts.
  • Continually improve EMS especially in pollution prevention.
  • Comply with Malaysia governed all relevant environment laws and other requirements which we subscribe to.
  • Conduct self audits to review our policy, objectives, targets and our performance against these measures.
  • Make available this policy to any interested parties.
Limited Liability Clause

PEPA Industry (M) Sdn Bhd shall not be liable to the Customer for non-conformance of Products with variances in

  • +/- 5% of sheet count,
  • +/- 7% of product damage during 3rd parties delivering,
  • +/- 5% of color offset for OEM private label printed product.

Customised packaging material must be fully consumed. PEPA reserve the right to use the balance / packaging material for any other purposes if the balance is not taken up by customer after 3 month.

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