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1/2 Century Experience in Tissue Marketing Industry since 1968 …

The tissue-pack marketing was developed and common used in Japan railway station in late 1960s, Akimoto Hatsuharu, founder of PEPA Industrial Co. foresee the potential and long-term impacts of tissue-pack marketing, and he established the system of tissue-pack guerrilla marketing and fully develop the distribution channel of tissue marketing in 1970s.

Below is the historical timeline of our company

In 1982, PEPA Expending to Taiwan Market

Zhi Huang Industrial Co., Ltd established as a joint venture with PEPA Industrial Co. in Taiwan, and found its operations and production based in Yong-He, Taipei County. Mainly focus on tissue products manufacturing and tissue marketing channel in Taiwan market.

In 1995, PEPA Joint Venture with China Factory

Zhi Huang Paper Product Factory established as a joint venture with PEPA Industrial Co. in Dongguan, China. Mainly focus on manufacturing box facial tissues, paper napkins, pocket tissues, wallet tissue to support and supply the demand of tissue marketing activities in the industry.

In 1998, Free Tissue startup in Malaysia Tissue Marketing Market

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FreeTissue Marketing established in Malaysia, and based its office in Penang with focus on creates cost-effective advertising tools for clients with different needs. We have been achieving this by offering a unique advertising tools and marketing solution with FreeTissue marketing in Malaysia market.

In 2010, PEPA Joint Venture and Expending in Malaysia

PEPA Marketing Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as DG Media Hauz Sdn Bhd) consolidation with FreeTissue Marketing and establish its production warehouse in Butterworth, Penang. With over 42 staff and 60 marketing and premium gift agency engaged, PEPA Marketing Sdn Bhd continue the Japanese founder Akimoto Hatsuharu tissue distribution system in the Malaysia market, and build a very strong and supportive tissue distribution channel under FreeTissue Marketing. With a group of passion and innovative peoples in our product R&D department, we keen to do the research and marketing survey to understand the market needs, and develop various types of tissues to fulfill tissue marketing market in Malaysia.

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